YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart

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The Good

Are you ready to make your next outdoor gathering the talk of the town? With the YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart, you can take your hosting game to the next level and make sure that everyone at your party has access to delicious drinks all night long.

This beverage cart is not only stylish and modern, but it’s also incredibly functional. It features a large 85-quart capacity, which means that you can easily store multiple bottles of wine, beer, or soda in one place. Plus, its rolling design makes it easy to move around so you can keep your guests’ favorite beverages close by no matter where they end up congregating.

The YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart is also designed with durability in mind. Its frame is made from sturdy steel construction with an anti-rust coating and waterproof PE rattan wicker material for additional protection against wear and tear. This ensures that your cart will last through many outdoor gatherings without showing signs of damage or fading in color.

Finally, this cart includes two removable trays for serving snacks or holding glasses so that you have even more options for entertaining your guests. And when it’s time to clean up after the party is over, simply fold up the cart and store it away until the next time.

Don’t settle for subpar hosting! Get yourself a YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart today and be prepared for any outdoor gathering!

The Bad


it has some significant drawbacks that cannot be overlooked.

First, the cart is made from cheap plastic which can easily crack and break when exposed to sun or inclement weather. This makes it unreliable for long-term use outdoors. Additionally, the wheels on the cart are not very sturdy, making it difficult to maneuver in uneven terrain or over large bumps and rocks.

Moreover, the beverage trays are shallow and do not hold much liquid which limits how many beverages they can hold at once. Furthermore, because of their lightweight construction, they can quickly become top-heavy if too many beverages are added to them at once. This could lead to an unstable cart and poor handling while rolling it around.

Finally, the price tag of this cart makes it prohibitively expensive for most people’s budgets. Although it may seem like a good deal at first glance, its low quality materials and features make it more of an unnecessary luxury than a practical purchase.

For these reasons, we recommend avoiding the YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart and looking into other options that offer better value for your money.

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2 thoughts on “YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart”

  1. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your outdoor parties and events, look no further than this rolling cooler! It’s a great way to store beverages and keep them cool while entertaining. It’s easy to maneuver with its rolling wheels, so it can be moved around quickly and easily.

    The interior of the cart is spacious enough to fit up to 85 quarts of drinks, making it ideal for hosting larger gatherings. Plus, its sturdy construction ensures that it will last through many years’ worth of use. Finally, its sleek design makes it a stylish addition to any outdoor area.

    With all these features, the YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart is an essential part of any outdoor gathering!

  2. As a young woman with a passion for fashion and all things stylish, I love to entertain and host outdoor parties for my friends and family. That’s why when I heard about the YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart, I was excited to give it a try. However, after using it for a few weeks, I quickly realized that there were several problems with this product.

    First and foremost, the quality of the YITAHOME cart is not what I expected. Despite claiming to be an “outdoor” cart, it feels flimsy and cheaply made. The wheels are particularly disappointing – they are not durable enough to withstand the weight of the cart and it struggles to roll smoothly on anything other than completely flat surfaces.

    Another issue I encountered with the YITAHOME cart is that it is not as spacious as I had hoped. While it can hold up to 85 quarts, the overall dimensions of the cart are quite small. This means that it’s difficult to store large items, such as bottles of wine or pitchers of drinks, without them spilling or falling over.

    Finally, I found the YITAHOME cart to be quite inconvenient to use. The lid is heavy and cumbersome to lift, which made it difficult to refill and access drinks when the cart was in use. Additionally, the drainage plug is located at the bottom of the cart, which means that you need to completely empty it before draining – which can be quite time-consuming.

    Overall, I was disappointed with the YITAHOME 85 Quart Rolling Outdoor Beverage Cart. While it may seem like a good value for the price, it simply doesn’t deliver on quality, convenience, or functionality.


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