Permasteel PS-A203-MT 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler Review

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The Good

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep your drinks cool and refreshing while entertaining outdoors? Look no further than the Permasteel PS-A203-MT 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler! This cooler is designed to be a convenient and stylish addition to any outdoor gathering.

The Permasteel cooler features an 80 quart capacity, making it large enough for all of your favorite beverages. The double walled insulation helps keep whatever is inside cold for hours. And with the two wheel design, this cooler is easy to move around so you can keep it close by during your party or event.

This patio cooler also has a sleek and modern look that will fit in with most outdoor decors. The stainless steel finish adds an elegant touch while also being rust resistant and easy to clean. It even comes with a bottom tray for added convenience and style.

Not only does the Permasteel PS-A203-MT 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler provide superior quality and convenience, but it’s also backed by a one year warranty from the manufacturer. With all these amazing features, why would anyone want anything else? Get one today and never worry about warm drinks again!

The Bad

Unfortunately, this cooler has some major problems that should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

First and foremost, this cooler is not made from durable materials. The plastic construction of the cooler does not provide enough insulation to keep your drinks cold for long periods of time. Additionally, the wheels are prone to breaking after only a few uses, rendering it useless as a portable cooler.

Another issue with this patio cooler is its lack of stability. The narrow base makes it difficult to keep upright when it’s full of ice and beverages, leading to frequent spills and messes. Furthermore, the lid often comes unhinged due to its flimsy construction, allowing warm air in and letting cool air out.

Finally, this product is overpriced compared to other patio coolers on the market. Its small size and poor build quality mean that it won’t last very long, so spending too much money on it would be wasteful.

The Permasteel PS-A203-MT 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler may seem like an attractive option at first glance, but its numerous flaws make it a bad choice for anyone who wants an effective and reliable patio cooler. Consider choosing another product instead if you want an enjoyable outdoor experience free from hassle or disappointment.

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1 thought on “Permasteel PS-A203-MT 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler Review”

  1. This cooler is an absolute disaster. It’s far too small to keep drinks cold for more than a few hours, and the wheels are so cheaply made that they don’t roll reliably on rough surfaces. The lid doesn’t fit properly, making it difficult to open without spilling all your beverages out. I would never recommend this cooler unless you’re looking for something completely useless. Save yourself some money and get a better quality cooler that won’t let you down!


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