Permasteel 80 qt. Antique Outdoor Patio Beverage Cooler

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The Good

As a young woman who loves spending time outdoors, I recently came across the Permasteel 80 quart Antique Patio Cooler, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this stunning addition to my outdoor setup.

It not only serves its primary purpose of keeping beverages cold but also adds a touch of fashionable sophistication to any gathering.

Let me share my experiences and why this cooler is an absolute game-changer for those who appreciate both style and functionality. At the end I’ll also share some drawbacks.

Design and Style:

One of the things that instantly sold me on the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler was its timeless aesthetic. This cooler is the epitome of elegance with its antique finish, reminiscent of vintage furniture.

The beautiful iron handles and detailing make it look like a piece of art rather than just a functional cooler. I love how it effortlessly blends in with my outdoor decor, making it a statement piece at every gathering.

Functionality and Capacity:

Beyond its eye-catching appearance, this cooler is exceptionally practical. With an 80-quart capacity, it can easily accommodate a variety of beverages, including cans, bottles, and even wine or champagne bottles.

The deep insulated interior ensures that drinks remain icy cold for hours, perfect for hot summer days or extended outdoor parties.

The drainage plug located conveniently at the bottom allows for hassle-free cleanup once the party is over, making maintenance a breeze.

patio for a Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio CoolerDurability and Mobility:

Despite its attractive design, the Permasteel cooler doesn’t compromise on durability. Constructed from high-quality materials, it is weather-resistant and built to withstand outdoor elements like heat, rain, and even accidental bumps.

Additionally, the sturdy wheels and side handles make it easy to transport, even when fully loaded. Whether I’m hosting a backyard barbecue or taking it to a friend’s gathering, I can rely on this cooler to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.

Value for Money:

While the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler may seem like a splurge, it’s a worthy investment for anyone seeking a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every aspect of this cooler. Its unique design has become a conversation starter, and I constantly receive compliments whenever I bring it out.

The durability and long-lasting performance make it a fantastic value for its price, ensuring it will be a part of my outdoor setup for years to come.


For fashion-conscious individuals who enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings or simply want to elevate their outdoor style, the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler is an absolute must-have.

Not only does it keep beverages refreshingly cold for hours, but it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space.

The combination of its vintage-inspired design, durable construction, and ample capacity make this cooler a standout choice. Whether you’re planning a picnic in the park, a beach day with friends, or a backyard barbecue, the Permasteel Patio Cooler ensures that your drinks stay chilled while exuding a sense of timeless beauty.

I cannot recommend the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler enough. Its stylish design, functionality, and durability set it apart from other coolers on the market. If you’re a fashion-savvy individual who appreciates both aesthetics and practicality, investing in this cooler will be a decision you won’t regret.

Elevate your outdoor gatherings and enjoy the convenience of having a fashionable and efficient cooler at your disposal – the Permasteel Patio Cooler will not disappoint!

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The Bad

My friend Cora had the exact opposite experience that I had so I thought I’d post her review as well.

Design and Aesthetics:

While the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler boasts a vintage-inspired design, I found it lacking in execution. The antique finish appeared cheap and lacked the charming elegance that I had envisioned.

The iron handles and detailing were not as sturdy as I had hoped, giving the cooler an overall flimsy appearance. Additionally, the size of the cooler was quite bulky, making it difficult to store when not in use.

Functionality and Insulation:

When it comes to functionality, the Permasteel cooler did not live up to my expectations. Despite its claimed 80-quart capacity, the interior space felt limited and unable to accommodate larger bottles or containers efficiently.

The insulation also fell short, as I noticed that even with ice, my drinks did not stay cold for an extended period. This significantly diminished the cooler’s practicality and left me disappointed, especially during hot summer days.

Durability and Mobility:

Durability is another area where the Permasteel cooler failed to impress me. Despite claims of being weather-resistant, the construction felt flimsy, and the cooler did not withstand mild elements as well as advertised.

I also struggled with the wheels, which were not as smooth or sturdy as I had hoped. Moving the cooler around, even on smooth surfaces, was a challenge and required more effort than anticipated.

Value for Money:

Considering its lackluster performance and less-than-desirable design, I find it challenging to justify the price tag associated with the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler.

While it may initially appeal to fashion-conscious individuals seeking something aesthetically pleasing, the lack of functional benefits and quality craftsmanship make it difficult to recommend as a worthwhile investment.


Regrettably, my experience with the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler was disappointing. The simulated vintage design failed to impress, and the cooler’s functionality and durability were subpar.

For those who prioritize both fashion and functionality, I would advise exploring other options that offer better insulation, durability, and value for money.

It is essential to consider the overall performance and reliability of a cooler before making a purchase, and unfortunately, the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler falls short in these aspects.

I would personally recommend exploring alternative cooler options that prioritize both style and functionality to ensure a more satisfying outdoor experience.

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1 thought on “Permasteel 80 qt. Antique Outdoor Patio Beverage Cooler”

  1. Disappointed and Underwhelmed

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

    I recently purchased the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler for my outdoor gatherings, hoping for a stylish and functional addition to my patio setup. However, my experience with this cooler has been underwhelming, to say the least. Allow me to share the reasons behind my disappointment.

    First and foremost, the design and aesthetic of the Permasteel Patio Cooler did not live up to my expectations. The antique finish, which initially appeared appealing in online images, turned out to be lackluster in person. The quality of the iron handles and detailing left much to be desired, as they felt flimsy and poorly constructed. It is disappointing when a cooler that is meant to be a focal point ends up looking cheap and unimpressive.

    Moving on to functionality, this cooler failed to deliver on multiple fronts. Despite its claimed 80-quart capacity, the interior space was inefficiently designed, making it difficult to fit larger bottles or containers comfortably. The insulation left much to be desired, as I noticed that my drinks did not stay cold for extended periods, even with the addition of ice. It was frustrating to have to constantly replenish the ice and deal with lukewarm beverages during outdoor gatherings.

    Durability is another area where the Permasteel Patio Cooler falls short. Despite promises of weather resistance, the construction felt flimsy and unable to withstand even mild outdoor elements. The wheels, in particular, were disappointing. They were not smoothly functional and required a significant amount of effort to move the cooler, even on smooth surfaces. Maneuvering the cooler was an inconvenient and frustrating task.

    Given the lackluster performance and disappointing design of the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler, I find it challenging to justify the price point. This cooler simply does not provide the value for money that I had expected. I would caution potential buyers against investing in this particular model, as there are other options available on the market that offer superior functionality, durability, and design.

    In conclusion, I regret my purchase of the Permasteel 80-Qt Antique Patio Cooler. Its underwhelming aesthetics, lack of functionality, and questionable durability make it a poor choice for those seeking a cooler that combines both style and practicality. I cannot recommend this product and would urge shoppers to explore alternative options that better meet their needs and expectations.


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