My Current Inspirations are a fun little scrap book of what’s running through my head. They range from culinary based, to pop culture, to just plain silly.

this makes me look forward to winter greens
A wonderful collision of beauty and flavor- winter greens. Adding bacon to them while they cook doesn’t hurt either.

An authentic taste of the Big Apple you can sip through a straw!
Oh and it would be so easy to make at home too! Yuuuuck. Just say no to DIY hotdog water energy drink.

baklava ice cream! brilliant

Can’t you just imagine how chewy that honey a top the baklava ice cream must be when chilled down by its frozen pillow? Sniff, sob and drool, I can…
Another yummy treat from the perennially inspiring Little Red Bike Cafe.

jewelry that features beans

Have you noticed on the blog-o-sphere that its Rancho Gordo season? Feast blogger Carolyn Tillie has upped the bean praise competition with her succinct bean ring. Let’s hope the project evolves enough for her to take it etsy so that we can buy them!

blood orange mimosas -genius!

Making mimosas with blood oranges?! That’s bloody genius (and the sound of me smacking my forehead in disbelief at not thinking of this idea before now). That Little Red Bike Cafe sure has some cute food ideas.

sweet coconut snowballs... for your hands
The Etsy store mollycoddle has the cutest faux food soaps- from bits of grapefruit, to full blown slices of pie! I’ve been coveting the snow balls. I still have a fear of soap that looks like food, but the fantasy of rubbing pie all over my face runs strong.

Oh my, do your coffee cups mouth off too. Tisk tisk.
A nice dirty little coffee cup hack for the next time you’re in a starbucks and feeling nasty. I love it.

Five Minute Tomato Sauce Recipe
Have you ever had one of those recipes that you’ve earmarked for ever and just never got around to making? This is one of mine- one that I smack myself for not trying sooner. Heidi’s 5 minute tomato sauce is simply the best I’ve ever made. You’ve got to put it to use in your house- you won’t be sorry.

Repeal Day: get yer drink on!
A fun celebration of history… besides when was the last time you actually knew something historical about constitutional amendments? Go mark your calendars to celebrate Repeal Day next year: Dec 5th.

how to make: sugary white skulls
What’s better than having cool white sugar skulls? Finding a tutorial on making white sugary skulls! Mmmm… nothing better for a spot of death tea.

I smell your spicy chocolate brains!
Can’t you just imagine sucking these down to form chocolatey mutated skulls? That they’re spicy too is a great added bonus. And did I mention that they have black eatable glitter in their eye sockets? Cool.

Sluts like tea too, as do sleazes and whores.
Don’t be a tea bigot. Invite all your friends over with this divine little teapot. Now, for the difficult part- what outfit to wear for slut tea? Hmmmmm.

Blueberries in your flower arrangements with ink&peat
The only and perfect use for unripe fruit- as a sculptural and color consideration in flower arrangements. Ink & Peat’s beautiful unripe blueberries and blackberries are the perfect green color tie in.

Cup Cake Wrapper Table

Bring your cupcake love into your living room- aside from the crumbs I mean, with this cupcake wrapper table from jellio.

Peanut Butter Lid Mixer

Seems like everyone has a trick to getting their peanut butter to not separate. Frankly, I’ve never had one of these hints ever work for me. Finally, it looks like this little stirring creation will address the problem!

Watermelon Molasses
While the author of this post doesn’t full-heartedly recommend repeating the experience of making watermelon molasses, I still love the archaeological sound of it. Digging through old cookbooks and resurrecting long lost ingredients and once-essentials. Plus, watermelon molasses just has an intriguing quality to it.

CD spindle bagel tote
Looking to multitask some of the technology packaging in your life? This cute bagel holder will have you jettisoning cds and dvds in a heartbeat.

Wasabi Pea Crusted Salmon- at 28 Cooks

Kicking up a nice piece of salmon with a spicy crunchy wasabi pea crust sounds about perfect to me! Food blog 28cooks gives us the enticement with this stunning picture.

Sweet Meat's cute plush toy meats

Perfect- another hit for your little foodie: plush meats! I think this will work well towards the wood sushi play set.

Pretzel Keychain
Aoi has the cutest food charms for sale in her etsy shop. From pretzels to ice cream cones to tamago pendants. She also has added juicy magnets such as chocolate dipped strawberries into her repertoire. Definitely Kawaiilicious!

Heather Bailey's Cute Apron

I bet, if everyone had an apron this cute, there would be home cooked meals for everyone, everyday…

lara ferroni's jaw dropping creme brulee cocktail
The sight of this creme brulee cocktail leaves me drooling and speechless. I’m almost convinced that this is the only excuse to cook sugar on a cocktail rim.

a menu for hope
The gifts contributed towards the 2006 Menu for Hope are almost as amazing as the amount raised. Good job foodies, good job!

Artfully Stained Teacup
What a dream of an art project! Making ceramics to stain beautifully.

Sweet Napa's Mint Sherbet
Sweet Napa has the wonderful idea to offer a Mint Sherbet as a lighter option to dense creamy mint ice creams. Flavored with actual mint leaves, this sounds very refreshing.

Homemade Mustard
Making your own mustard affords ample opportunity for creative customizations. Plus it just sounds cool to say “I make my own mustard”.

Holy Toast Batman!
I’m all in favor of one taking their religion into their own hands… especially when it involves creating a daily dose of the miracle right there on your toast!

the cutest knit toast purse
I love how knitters wear their hearts on their sleave… or in this case, on their purse!

Nic's Special Baker's Edge Pan
For all you corner lovers out there! The pan that makes sure you’re never left wanting. I’ve got a review of this pan coming up soon…

SewDorky Felted Donut
These cute cloth donuts will either help you during times of dieting or simply dring you batty with the ever present temptation- that you can’t eat!

Miracle Tortilla
Getting your face on a tortilla can have many advantages, including adoration by astounded coworkers, pilgrimages by worshippers, and sales on eBay.

Grass Chair

This cute project to make a grass chair in your yard calls for the use of cardboard to set up your dirt structure. What else can we make out of dirt and grass?

Hot Dog Animal How-to Guide
This wonderful cute site has me seeing hotdogs like pretty paper for origami! Choose your favorite animal, make it, then eat it!

Latte Art Mosaics
I’ve always enjoyed Tonx’s images of coffee art, his Seattle cafe’s flickr set of latte art has always been inspiring! In this post, Tonx shares images of latte art mosaics installed in the floor of a new coffee shop- very cool! One of these days I’ll get to Seattle to check out his Cafe, Victrola Coffee.

Young tamarind

My addiction to Indian and Thai cooking has taught me that tamarind is tasty… thou I had no idea it was this beautiful as a youngin’.

Grace Sheese's wonderfully intricate ceramics
Grace Sheese’s ceramics are a sight to hold. Every space is filled with intricate detailing, swirls of texture and colors. I can’t wait to see what they look like with food in them.

the government meal food photo challenge
The government meal food photo challenge! Email the nice folks by April 15, 2017 and they will send you an MRE for you to prepare and take a picture of for their competition. Yes, prepare an actualy MRE and make it look ravishing… very kinky stuff here.

stamp cups for the messy coffee drinker
These cool cups give messy coffee drinkers a way to play with their dribbles- by making pretty coffee stamps.

Pop Up Paper Chocolate Cake
Combining paper craft with food craft is just about perfect! This pop-up card is a perfect little sweet note for someone fighting the internal struggle of the goodness of sweets and the badness of over-indulgence.

Amy Secrest's Bakery Necklace
Amy Secrest makes the cutest foodie jewelry ever! From donut necklace charms to sushi bracelets, these are great gifts for your favorite drooling foodies.

Amai's Champagne Brownies
Lovescool are stretching their culinary wings and taking flight with these limited edition champagne brownies. They went on sale for New Years and Valentines. Keep your eyes open for more limited time offers from Amai Tea & Bake House!

Rob's height vs weight data chart
This collection of data fulfills a great weight voyeuristic need… what do people of a particular height/weight look like? It’s an interesting assortment with an overriding reminder that humans are so different in how they carry their bulk. I wish there were separate male/female charts though.

I can't believe its jello!
This jello brings me to my knees… it’s beautiful! Unfortunatley I don’t eat the stuff… not unless its a jello shot!

homemade vegan Twinkies
I fell in love with the blog Vegan Lunch Box before I saw this cute recipe bastardizing a Twinkie making kit (come on… vegans who want to replicate Twinkies?). Anyway, cute blog with cute vegan recipe ideas.

cute egglings

These cute little seedlings look like magic! Kitchen herbs that grow out of little eggs that you get to crack open!


Having highly accurate knives dangling from my ear lobes strikes that kinky side of me… that sharp kinky side.

mini cake and ice cream erasers

Yeah, its probably a mental holdover from years of playing with Barbies, whatever. I can never pass up things in miniature. Combine that with food, and you have the cutest stuff ever! Well, except for miniature puppies or stuff like that, or course…

the Great Cookie Swap

From the joint SHF-IMBB Cookie Swap, the listing of top 10 voted cookies- deduced from vitual baking… but looking virtually tasty!

Our Lord Cheesus

“I don’t care if the whole world freezes, as long as I’ve got my Cheddar Cheesus …”

Ice Cream with Fizz
MIT beats me to the punch and develops a carbonated ice cream. This is one worth doing a little homework to figure out! My local microbrews have made me a convert of using nitrogen to charge beer. I wonder, ice cream on nitrogen? Maybe this summer…

Food Network at the Frontiers of PornographyDebbie Does Salad: The Food Network at the Frontiers of Pornography… with Emeril shaking his “Essence” and Rachel Ray’s Girl-Next-Door charm, need I say more? Of course I do! Tyler Florence plays pizza boy to the lonely housewife, Giada’s steamy close ups touch on watersports, with Rachel Ray becoming the Jenna Jameson of the Food Network, this Harpers article makes for an interesting read.

Diminished Sex Drives Among Naughty Baker
I think the Onion is trying to tell us too much of a good thing ain’t so good? To bad for them.

the Healthy Human Flesh Alternative

An essential kitchen ingredient for any recovering cannibal. Finally, you can blend in better at those vegetarian potlucks with Hufu.

Gas powered blenders

These gas powered blenders could be the perfect find for your next wild party out in the woods or desert! Just make sure any neighbors don’t mind the noise. Note the special add on kit of motorcycle bits!

Tiniest donuts ever seen!
Not Martha continues to wow me with the great food projects that pop up on this site. My love of mini’s brought me to these donuts. They are just sooo cute! Wait until you click around the site and find the mini-cupcakes!

My other mistress...
My other mistress, my love of art. Fortunately Sweets is cool with it, so he can help me break it to my blog that my attentions may be in other places at times. This is my journal from jurying Eugene’s 2005 Mayor’s Art Show.

Dude, I'm so stealing that.

Doonesbury takes a moment out of its busy schedule of flogging our president to give a gentle yo’ waz up nod to us who blog about food. We are honored and delighted! Now where are those donuts…

cooking my way around the world

Thinking of taking a vacation? Have a favorite blogger you’d like to say hi to? This map is a great visualization of where we are! Pick and choose and find someone new too.

making jello fruit

Not Martha presents itself with a fun jello project- setting up the goodness in citrus skin shells. It’s a good thing.

 the Art of Science

Amazingly beautiful images from Priceton’s first Art of Science competition. This could almost get me interested in fluid dynamics…

 My Oregon Country Fair Photos

Fairs are pretty cool, but around here the Oregon Country Fair reigns supreme. Its an experience in and of itself, and well, there isn’t muchabout it that’s country!

Now that's a big Coke bottle!Julian Beever has a website of photos of his amazing street drawings. Using the principles of anamorphosis, Beever is able to create unique drawings whose reading relies on a particular viewer positioning relative to the artwork. When this correct position is achieved- the art work becomes almost 3 dimensional.

Grow sprouts from your keyboard!

All I have to say is my coworkers better watch out- wooha ha ha (evil laughter)!

Beware of odors from unfamiliar sources.

Such a romantic story of the fortune writer with writer’s block. 20 years of writer’s block that is. His link to the Powerball winners of March is just as interesting.

Great Date Ideas
This is a spin off website from my absolute favorite sex book, The Guide to Getting it On, which I highly recommend for all adults and curious teenagers. The Great Dates list is just as fabulous for pulling yourself out of the duldrums.

Church Sign Generator
This site serves to fulfill any perverse church sign based fantasy you’ve ever thought of!

Duane Keiser's A Painting A Day Site
Embracing the beauty of everyday life, Duane Keiser’s A Painting Every Day blog is a true inspiration that tickles my creative spirit. Favorite days of mine: May 2nd, May 1st, March 13th, and February 4th.

carved watermelons

Ahhh, now this is perfection for the truly obsessed to aspire to.
I like it…

Someone keeps stealing my letters!

You really didn’t have to get anything done today did you? I mean… before you click on this site, ask yourself: do you have time to waste obsessing over others interactions with your creations?

Spam iPod Shuffle

Mike Davidson loves his iPod Shuffle so much he’s creating contests on his website to give Shuffles away to the winners. Stephen Lodefink’s spam Shuffle, is the second place winner of the Shuffle as Food contest. Go see who won first!

the movie Clerk's Drinking Game Rules

Clerk’s View Askew Official set of movie Drinking Game rules. My advice is to not do shots with this one.

Ben & Jerry's Pint Lock

Who keeps stealing bites of your Ben & Jerry’s? Until you install that hidden camera you won’t know, but slapping on one of these nifty pint locks will keep future thefts at bay!

someone keeps stealing my letters

Rob at Cockeyed is my prankster hero! His site is a wonderful portfolio of hi-jinks and oddities, one of my favorites being the How Much is Inside feature. How many grams of a package of oreos is just the white stuff? You’re about to find out…

Banksy's rogue art

The process of getting art up in galleries is tough enough not to mention how difficult it is to get your art in a museum. Banksy’s rogue art placements make me smile. How else are you going to get your work in MOMA unless you place it yourself?

Joe Henderson's Running 101

You can only live in Eugene, Oregon, aka Track Town, for so long before you get bitten by the running bug. Joe Henderson is one of Eugene’s local gurus of running whose charm is in making this sport accessable for everyone. His Running 101 book is a great pick up for beginners and habitual runners alike.

Caramel Sugar High FridayDebbie’s round up of the Caramel Sugar High Friday event is staggering. Given that caramel is such a versatile component to dessert making, it should come as no wonder that this was a popular event. I couldn’t stop with just one entry… four compositions entertained me for this very sticky weekend.