Handmade Wally pottery sale

Thursday, November 27, 2019

There is only one exception I make when it comes to shopping on Black Friday: I do it if it puts money directly into a makers hands.

Besides- this is a great excuse for me to buy the perfect cat food bowl (aka the
“FEED THE !#[email protected]*!!!CAT ALREADY!!!” bowl).

Now it is time to tell you... there was LSD in the dip.

Tom Edwards, the maker of this genius bowl, is offering some great deals at his online store:

And this foodie is going to indulge her odd sense of humor by buying more friends LSD dip bowls for Christmas.

My favorite Wally pottery

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posted November 28th, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Woo local talent! I’m from Evergreen and when Wally ran in the local weekly, my mom frequently clipped it out before recycling their copy and mailed it to me wherever I was at the time.

It’s been discontinued (now in Wally’s bargain basement!), but the primordial slime dip bowl is a usually a centerpiece at my parties.