Poblano Skillet Potatoes

Saturday, July 22, 2006

This recipe is a variation on Potatoes ala Sofrito that uses roasted poblano puree in its flavor base. The roasted poblanos lend a sweet pepper note to this meal that is surpisingly not very spicy. This has become my favorite morning tapas, especially when it is made with an egg on top.

I like to serve this up when making breakfast for a group of friends. Served along side warm soft corn tortillas, this meal provides a great meal for a post-party morning.

Poblano Skillet Potatoes

Serves 4.

poblano potato skilletIn a cast iron skillet, over low heat, fry up one slice’s worth of bacon cut up into small pieces. Cooking this slowly over low heat separates the fat from the meaty bacon bits, its that fat we want. When the bacon bits are a nice darkened color, scoop them out with a fork, and feed them to your favorite kitchen slave.

To the hot remaining bacon grease, add one small onion diced, and sprinkle over 1/2 tsp of salt. Stir occasionally.

Cut up two – three large russet potatoes (each larger than a closed fist) into dice sized cubes. You want as much potato can fit into your pan.

When the onions have cooked through, and are slightly golden around the edge, add your cubed potatoes and stir in with the onions. Pour in the 1 cup of chicken stock, 1-2 Tbs of roasted poblano puree, and sprinkle with ground pepper. Cover with a lid and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove lid after five minutes and cook till the potato cubes are fork tender and cooked through. Stir occasionally, scraping up the sauce from the bottom of your skillet.

Crack one egg person on top of the potatoes in the skillet. Cover with a lid and remove from the heat. Allow the residual heat from the potatoes to cook the eggs to your desired finish point (I like runny yolks).

Top the finished potatoes with a couple good shakes of vinegar based chili sauce, some sliced green onions and a good crumbling of feta.

Nice variations: using different types of roasted peppers shakes up this dish quite a bit. Also, try substituting beer for half of the chicken stock. Additionally, baby potatoes may be used and left intact or cut into halves.

Enjoy this pushing these potatoes into warm tortillas for a spectacular morning!


posted July 22nd, 2006 at 11:25 am

I’ll volunteer to be your kitchen slave if it means being fed bits of crispy bacon not to mention these potatoes. These look wonderful.

posted July 22nd, 2006 at 6:14 pm

I really like potatoes and peppers. I never tried it until this year and I’m wondering how I did without it!


- Teddy
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