GnocchiThis wonderful pasta dish is my quick dinner before going out to an art lecture tonight. It’s light, quick and a nice combination of textures and flavors. Light sweet crunch from the apples playing with the soft yielding gnocchi, wrapped up in the flavors of melted gorgonzola with an occasional high note from balsamic vinegar.

Gorgonzola Gnocchi with Apples and Walnuts

this makes a generous one serving or two small helpings

Cook up one cup of gnocchi. When finished, drain in a colander, and use the hot pan to lightly saute 2 Tbs of crushed walnuts in 1/2 Tbs of butter. Add the gnocchi to the walnuts and butter and turn off the heat. Toss in one cup of chopped raw spinach, 1/4 cup of cubed apple, 1 oz of gorgonzola cheese, and stir with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Dust with pepper and salt to season.

Additionally- halved grapes would be great with this dish too.



posted November 18th, 2007 at 12:55 pm

Forgive me for being really anal retentive, but it’s “gnocchi” not “gnocci”.

As I always tell my students, “I only correct you because you’re actually doing so well!”

Great site!


Thanks Joan- I appreciate the editorial help!


- Joan
posted February 29th, 2008 at 11:52 pm

maybe some golden raisins instead of grapes, and some garlic with the walnuts….i’m practically drooling here.

- angie

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