end of the month leftovers- asian risottoThe end of the month is nearing, which often means that the paycheck has gone beyond stretched tight. We like to frequently eat out at asian restaurants, with our neighborhood Saigan Kitchen being my favorite. One way we like to extend our leftovers at home is by adding more stock to our curries or stirfries, and by adding more vegetables too.

Our last meal at Saigon Kitchen featured a favorite of mine- tilapia done up with their special house sauce. They batter and fry the fish whole and then dress it in a sweet spicy soy ginger sauce with peas and carrots. It’s definitly a dish to pick at with your fingers!

end of the month leftovers- asian risottoWe packed up our fish carcass along with our leftover curry this time because I had pressure cooker plans. Adding the fish bones, sauce, and skin in the pressure cooker with enough water to cover resulted in an amazingly rich, spicy and sweet fish stock perfect for all sort of meals I am sure. Grabbing the rest of our Arborio rice I put that stock to good use.

Pressure cookers are great for making up a flavorful stock. What do you have lurking in your refrigerator that needs help getting out?

Remember how to make risotto? Here’s a good memory refresher. Just substitute the stock of your choice. If making stock out of leftover stirfry, consider adding toasted nuts to your finished risotto, or roasted vegetables.

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posted August 29th, 2005 at 8:34 pm

I have to admit that a pressure cooker is one of those kitchen gadgets I bought a few years ago and have never used. I’m not sure why. I make broth all the time, and beans, and stews. Perhaps I’ll finally get it out of the pantry and onto the counter!

  • I kind of found mine intimidating at first. Not having immediate access to your cooking food seems like a disadvantage. However, with familiarity I’ve come to see this hands off aspect as something like food religion- I believe in the unseen forces of my pressure cooker! Beens, broth, and braised meats (hmmm, all B’s…) are all pressure cooker staples for me.


- Ellen

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