photo in the style of Tucker ShawMy most recent trip up to Portland ended up fairly different from my expectations. My plan was to have a fun day downtown eating up time while my Sweets was taking a motorcycle skills class, however a tummy bug wanted more say in my day’s plans. So, instead of finally checking out the cute gelato place by Powells, and gorging at the Snow White House crepe stand by the Mother Goose Gallery, I hunkered down and read books, all day long, in various corners of Powells.

I was able to finally check out in person, books I had been eyeballing through Powells website, and I was sprung upon by a cute impulse purchase: Tucker Shaw’s everything i ate: a year in the life of my mouth.

Of course, it caught my eye because of a certain knock knock joke I love, but this book reveals itself to be a charming glimpse into a young man’s culinary life. Appealing to my voyeuristic streak (oh come on- who doesn’t like to watch ?) this book lays out photos of every food item Tucker Shaw consumed in 2004, in a snappy clean layout organized chronologically that even gives details as to where, when and with whom the food was consumed. The introduction reveals the smallest of tour guides to 2004 as Shaw reveals particulars about certain months (brief romance, funerals, oral surgery) , that will have you digging through his photos to sleuth out more about this New York City mystery man.

Memorable glimpse’s of Tucker’s 2004 sphere:

I thoroughly enjoyed gobbling up this quirky book, even if it has totally given me a jonzing for candy and food stands that sell oatmeal in to-go cups (is that a great winter idea or what?).

I’m passing this book on to Jen at Life Begins @ 30, who is attempting a similar food journaling attempt. We’ll see what she thinks… (like, when is Tucker going to realize that Danny just may be more than a late night snack?).


posted May 26th, 2005 at 6:09 pm

This book looks darling! I will have to look for it next time I’m in a good book store.

Don’t you just love Powell’s? I good live there days. I’m glad you had a great “read-in.” We all need those every once in awhile.

posted June 26th, 2005 at 6:54 pm

I did something incredibly similar to Tucker Shaw in 2004. I kept a list of everything that I ate and drank for all 366 days. I also photographed myself every week and logged all my exercise as my weight went from 213 to 173.

Pages of photos and lists:

WEEKLY PHOTOGRAPHS Every Thursday from Jan 1 to Dec 30.
53 side view photographs of me, wearing only a pair of gym shorts:

FOOD AND DRINK LIST Everything I ate and drank in 2004:



BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOGRAPHS: Wed Dec 31 2003 and Fri Dec 31 2004:


Dan MacKenzie,
Waltham, MA

Quite the impressive journey Dan. It’s fun watching you change shape- the final shot with the close up of your face is most impressive. This looks like weight loss for data-lovers :)

Tucker Shaw’s book is made distinctive by his pictures of his food. It’s much more entertaining to go through a visual diary than a written one, given that it’s easier to skim that way.

— McAuliflower

posted April 3rd, 2017 at 6:05 pm

I LOVE this book! I can’t stop looking at it and thinking about it! With just the photographs and such little text, it says so much and I find it all so fascinating. There were so many questions in my mind as I read (much like some that you pose about Jason and Danny)…what was going on in his life? Who are these people he eats with? Why are some drinks included and others (presumably) omitted? How did he feel about this food he ate? On some of his days, I think, that’s ALL he ate? And then on others I marvel at how much he ate. I find myself looking at the times he eats and taking comfort in some of his habits that are similar to mine: often eating breakfast late, his spinach @ home = my steamed broccoli @ home, his late-night cereal obsession resembles my late-night Ben & Jerry’s obsession, etc. It makes me want to sit down with Tucker Shaw, have a beer and talk about food/eating habits.

  • I so agree! :) It is rather amazing how much is revealed in such simple pictures. I love catching the background info- like Golden Girls on tv…