Sweet Life

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sweet Life's Chocolate Mousse Parfait originally posted on Something 2 Eat, May 24,2004.

Not so Secret Vegan Agenda? In Eugene?

And so the sweet sweet Sirens of Sweet Life beckon my sated tummy to their temptuous lair. “No really, I’m fine,” replies my stomach, which is soon wrestled into submission by my eyes which have spied glistening fruits, gleaming frostings, and gilded Nipples- oh my!

With a new enlarged and smartly painted cafe, Sweet Life has expanded its dessert cases and offerings to now tempt its lucky customers with a variety of gelato flavors. The brightly colored walls are inviting, and Sweet Life is brimming over with charm.

The pie and cake specialties are always calling my name, but more often than not, the chocolate mousse receives my approving nod. This creation typically receives special flavoring considerations and is often embellished with mocha or rose flavored whipped cream. This succulent cup of perverse chocolate foam serves its purpose well, and I reward it with swift retirement from it’s zoo-like existence trapped behind glass (don’t feed the animals, here the ‘animals’ feed you).

Vegan delights are finding a happy social scene to commingle with the rest of Eugene’s sweet appetites. In fact, I dare say these often politically classed cuties (the desserts dear, the desserts!) are purposefully pushing the envelope of dairy-freeness to tempt us into asking the dairy question of ourselves…

if one can still find ganache, and whipped ‘cream’, maybe it’s ok to enslave soybeans instead of cows?

Sweet Life Patisserie - 755 Monroe St., Eugene, Open late!
Quality: 3 outta 4 forks… Mmmm, fresh. The desserts are made daily.
Presentation:4 outta 4 forks…Titilating. These desserts often receive special frills in the way of garnishes- often a true beauty to eat.
Value: 3 outta 4 forks…
Local Color: 4 outta 4 forks…fun collection of folks that seem to be gettin less scarey lookin? (must be the chocolate)
Service:… Self serve, counter service cheerful.

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