Cafe Sienna

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cafe SiennaA new addiction has been brewing forth in our household… the need for a satisfyingly large weekend breakfast. In addition to establishing the pace for the day it has become a new way for us to get our fill of Mexican food. Cafe Sienna, tucked in the busy 13th Ave strip of campus has become our breakfast grotto of choice with its amazingly diverse menu of affordable options (most items below $6). Spreading from pancakes to crepes to bagel and croissant sandwiches to their egg scramble specials, Cafe Sienna offers a menu that washes across the bright spectrum of breakfast choices that can more than please a crowd. Though often hard to assimilate, the hand lettered menu boards warrant a long perusal to catch all the special dishes crammed in this small space.

Eggs ala CampesinaTucked in with the standard American breakfast fare are some amazing Mexican breakfast specialties. Huevos Rancheros is composed of flour tortillas hugging eggs over easy and soft beans. The Eggs ala Campesina fold corn tortilla chips into a generous three egg scramble with beans, pickled jalapenos and additonal fresh flour tortillas on the side.

An amazing menu item that has established itself as my new comfort food is the chilaqueas, first introduced to me by my favorite food pusher, John. Chilaqueas (pronounced: “chill-ee-kee-ahs”) is traditionally composed of enchilada sauce, cheese, and stale tortilla chips baked together. The taste is heavenly on the comfort food scale, akin to mashed up cheese enchiladas. Cafe Sienna makes their Chilaqueas with masa, which moves this humble dish up to a smoother flavor level. I can’t say enough about how good this dish is!

With the menu being one that can easy confound a new diner I recommend a slow perusal of what is already on the tables of the hungry breakfasters before you. There is nothing more flattering than being asked for menu guidance especially when you have so many stunners to offer up.

Cafe Sienna- 853 13th Avenue East
Quality: four outta four forks…
excellent layers of spice and flavor
Presentation: two outta four forks…
just good eats, nothing fancy
Value: four outta four forks…
rarely does the menu stray above $6, and I dare you to find a dish not large enough
Local Color: two outta four forks…
mainly a campus crowd, which is pretty conservative looking these days
Service: four outta four forks…
aside from being self-service from the counter, quick and courteous


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