Heavenly Tiramisu at Napoli

Saturday, January 8, 2005

yes, this really is Tiramisu
Sweets and I went on a date Friday to go see Kinsey and to have dinner at Napoli, one of our favorite campus spots for a bottle of Chianti, ravioli and polenta lasagna. Not being the types to demand that the kitchen speed up their dinner making for our movie time, we decided to catch the early movie and have our meal afterwards.

We thoroughly enjoyed Kinsey, and were in the mood to get cozy over dinner and provide good eavesdropping fodder as we discussed our favorite parts… but imagine our surprise when we showed up to a packed Napoli full of people waiting for tables! We graciously decided we could share our campus (you see we have another one by our house, we’re fine having multiple Italian restaurants in our relationship) Italian restaurant with the masses, and strolled over to High St Brewery instead. Not the sort of atmosphere we wanted but oh well.

After sending Sweets back to work to pick up his bike, I ambled past Napoli’s to pick up a little box of desire to take home with me. Can you sense the anticipation in the photo? That I craddled it, un-forked, in my cold hands all the way home?

After sampling Tiramisu for the last fifteen years, I have found Napoli’s to be my favorite. I’ve also found that some people just can’t handle the non-traditional spin Napoli’s put on this fine dessert. Instead of using lady fingers, they use a rum drizzled chocolate cake (sponge?) that is layered with sweetened fluffy marscapone and topped with chocolate shavings.

And if you’re in the Eugene Oregon area, trapped at home reading this, craving your own sweet creamy box of goodness (hey- this is listed on food porn after all, I’ve got to spice this up!), I’ll let you in on a secret. You can get tiramisu delivered to your door via Pony Express! Do note the minimum order though and get yourself some dinner to go with dessert.

Napoli Restaurant and Baker, 686 East 13th Avenue, Eugene
Open 11am-10pm, Monday thru Saturday.
Check out Something 2 Eat’s reviews.

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posted April 26th, 2005 at 10:30 pm

Unfortunately Napoli’s no longer offers my favorite dinner entre: butternut ravioli in a walnut sage cream sauce.

RIP raviolis

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