Saturday, December 18, 2004

perugino art

originally posted on Something 2 Eat, May 24,2004.

grumpy lookin guy, great coffee!
Perugino is a coffee bar that expects a certain ‘something’ in its’clientelle: a customer who knows to dress in black for their coffee; a patron not afraid to ask for their coffee drink by its official menu fouffy name; a woman who is not afraid to order port and cake and eat it by herself.

If you want to immerse yourself in the ambience of being able to afford it all… well this is one of your places. Here, I can pretend to be Yuppie Scum, and love it! Decadent cakes, wine, beer, dense little deserts, panini… all served to you (wait, no: all carried by you) amidst high end Italian ceramics (not that we don’t have ample local ceramics that would put this import corner to shame… ah, I digress!), and above a high falutin’ floor of high shined and buffed press board (I kid you not! Odd coming from a carpet purveyor).

Perugino is a great place to let yourself brew or steep in what could be your own high life in Eugene.

Perugino 767 Willamette St, Eugene
Quality: 3 outta 4 forks…
Food – they have that too, mighty scrumptuous food that is.
Presentation: 4 outta 4 forks…
Ahh, surrounded by art and art and art.
Value: 3 outta 4 forks…
I got what I paid for, a little coffee escapism (yes, really, I am this well off…)
Local Color: 3 outta 4 forks…
A more established, put-together looking Eugenean.
Service: 3 outta 4 forks…
Self serve… a good dose of humility for some.

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posted April 15th, 2007 at 10:19 pm

You really know how to fork it out. Really though…this is the best and most beautifully served coffee in Eugene.

Last time I was in, my mocha was beautifully graced with leaf designs on the top. it was fun to mutate them with each sip!

And its practically gelato season!


- katie

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