Blue Cheese Religious Conversion

Monday, November 29, 2004

One of the food items left over from our Glo Party were John’s blue cheese balls rolled in black sesame seeds. I’ve always been a bit leary of blue cheese… its always come on a bit strong for my taste. However, I was not about to toss cheese out of my kitchen! Searching around on Epicurious I found a simple blue cheese appetizer that called for toasting blue cheese on bread with a little sugar on top. Sure why not?

So I smooshed up John’s cheese bits and toasted it on bread, including the sugar step…

Oh! What a great find! Needless to say, there is none left, and I’ve been a good disciple spreading the word:

John’s Black Sesame Seed Cheese Balls

In a skillet, toast 1/4 cup black sesame seeds until fragrant. Set aside to cool.

Mix together in a bowl:

Season with salt and pepper. Also, adjust the cream cheese to blue cheese ratio according to the strength of your blue cheese and taste preference.

Place the cheese mixture in the refrigerator to harden. Using a melon baller, scoop out the cheese mixture and roll into small balls. With dry hands, roll the cheese balls into the toasted black sesame seeds and place on your serving platter.

Enjoy with a glass of wine, or swirled through hot pasta, or toasted on bread, or with a slice of pear… the possiblities go on!

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