A Little Light for Dark Times: Glo Party!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My good friend, John, and I have been looking for a good excuse for months to buy glowing stuff off the web. We don’t do Burning Man- which would be the ultimate excuse for such an indulgence, but we do want to get our party:work time ratio adjusted a bit. John came through with the glowing items, so time to put the peddle to the metal and host a party!

Glo Party FlyerJohn’s a great party thrower, yet my place is bigger, so we teamed up to do it together at my house. Now that the party is over, I can look back and realize I’ve discovered a wonderful mental aid to get over the throwing a party jitters… have a friend tag team with you. I hadn’t anticipated what a relief it is to have someone else in the mix to help get the word out, help whip up goodies, and help you keep the troops entertained.

And did I mention the great shot glasses John found? I can’t recommend these cute little glowing things enough! The pictures on the site don’t do justice. You need these at your next party! They are plastic (non-recyclable) glasses that are double walled and built with two mini glow sticks in the base. To activate, take a glass, and slam it onto the top of a bottle. The force of the blow breaks the glowstick, whose contents mix with liquid that is in the wall space of the glass. Our glasses came in green, red, and white-blue. In addition to the glasses, we had light stick swizzle sticks, mini (one inch) light sticks, your typical 6 inch light sticks with necklace strings, and little led flasher buttons to magnet onto your clothing.

But enough with the glowie stuff… on with the food!

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